thoughts without content

freedom // light // thoughts

let's see what happens

eye // darkness // shadows

geometrie der unterbrechung II

mandala // dotwork // black

orbis pictus: P

unique // composition // starting with the same letter

geometrie der unterbrechung I

mandala // dotwork // black 


plant // insects // composition

girl power

strengh // women // pressure

blow it up

smoke // dust // cold

the radio

book // illustration // noise // thoughts

orbis pictus: M

unique // composition // starting with the same letter

orbis pictus: F

unique // composition // starting with the same letter

boy george

acryl // nature // abstract

media design

furora streetbeatz

poster // illustration // human // animals

what about earth

nature // filmfestival // plastic // climate change

donau stein design

 jewellery // nature // danube // handmade // Donau Stein Design

luc de groot

typography // fonts // style

laute hände

international sign language // with Carolina Neuwirth


sports // personal // fitness // Madeleine Schaurhofer

die linzer radfibel

healthy // city // bikes // active // with Lara Fellinger

buoy grill

magazine // grill // summer // freetime


t-shirt design // gebäudetechnik // pattern // tgaplan+ Beratende Ingenieure


Laura Gassner, 21 y/o living in Linz. My heart belongs to dogs, coffee, good music and great designs. 

No matter what kind of mission you are following, I will always do my best to support you and your company with a design and/or an illustration that really impresses the viewer and underlines the message of your unique business. 


now, let's grab a coffee and have a talk!

© Laura Gassner